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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the fiscal affairs of the Roslyn Water District for the period beginning January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2017 have been examined by an independent public accountant, and that the report of examination prepared in conjunction with the external audit by the independent public accountant has been filed in the District office at 24 West Shore Road, Roslyn New York, where it is available as a public record for inspection by all interested persons pursuant to Section 35 of the General Municipal Law. The governing Board of the Roslyn Water District may at its discretion, prepare a written response to the report of the external audit submitted by the independent public accountant and file any such response in my office as a public record for inspection by all interested parties not later than ninety days from the date of this notice.

DATED May 17, 2018





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Cash Balances 12-31-2018xls

PER FUND 12/31/18
General Operating Fund $581,179.00
1/1/18 Cash Balances - General Operating Fund $761,943.00
Cash Receipts $6,720,678.00
Cash Expenses $6,901,442.00
12/31/18 Cash Balances - General Operating Fund $581,179.00
Amount designated for the 2019 budget $431,368.00
Real Property Tax $2,254,955.00
Real Property Tax Items $286,055.00
Water Sales $1,941,985.00
Unmetered Water Sales $130,082.00
Water Service Charge $75,234.00
Interest & Penalties $21,877.00
Interest Earnings $6,818.00
Compensation for Loss (Insurance) $45,730.00
Grants $1,943,806.00
Other $14,136.00
Personal Services $1,327,809.00
Equipment $44,435.00
Contractual $1,515,321.00
Employee Benefits $784,086.00
Capital Outlay $2,239,561.00
Debt Service $990,230.00
Outstanding Debt Service at 12/31/18  
Long Term Bonds     $15,872,557.00





pdf icon2018 Budget


pdf iconRWD Financials Statements 2017



pdf iconDownload 2017 Roslyn Water District Financial Statements
with Independent Auditor's Report 6/7/18


pdf iconDownload 2016 Budget


pdf icon2017 Budget Revised

RWD Financials Statements 2017



Behind the Budget Process
As you have seen, the Roslyn Water District has again provided the residents of the District with a ‘flat’ budget. That is, it holds the line on your water rates and the Tax Levy. The Board of Commissioners wants you to know some of the initiatives that help contribute to this success. Here is a brief rundown of these initiatives.


Through Operation Save NY (NYSISO) and in participation with NRG, Inc, the District makes use of its standby generators during periods of peak electric demand such as summer heat waves. The District receives remuneration for this participation. The net result is helping reduce the peak electric loads on the public utility while generating supplemental income.


The District actively pursued FEMA reimbursement for the devastation of Hurricane Irene. This required an extensive application process that was completed in-house by the District Staff.


The District follows a stringent procurement policy adopted by the Board. It includes working with intermunicipal agreements with the Town of North Hempstead in the purchase of a variety of products and services including fuel and Actuarial services (for compliance with GASB accounting requirements).


The District also makes purchases via the New York State Office of General Services which has negotiated blanket contracts for many items used throughout all levels of State Government.


The District has also implemented an aggressive Capital Improvement Program designed to help assure that current systems continue to function economically, replace outmoded systems with new technologies and manage revenue and expenditure fluctuations due to weather, water usage, etc.


This program included the development of the District’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), which worked especially well during Hurricane Irene and more recently, Hurricane Sandy.


Additionally, the Automatic Meter Reader project has made billing much more efficient, reduced errors and generally eliminated the need for estimated bills.


These initiatives plus the cooperation of the District Residents in water conservation efforts, the County Odd and Even watering regulations and efforts to adjust irrigation systems to alleviate some of the peaks in water usage all contribute to the District’s ability to control the budget and tax levy.


It is important to know that the District has not borrowed money for any project since 1998. Maintaining this record will depend greatly on the impact of new regulatory measures, new levels of overall water requirements and the aging of our basic infrastructure.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Water
A number of issues affect the District's overall cost of delivery and basic obligation to deliver an adequate supply of quality water to the residents of the District. In addition, these issues can vary considerably from one year to another and can significantly impact the District.

While a change in the quality of the water drawn from wells can increase or decrease our treatment requirements, this does not significantly affect the overall cost of delivery. In past years, the cost of electrical power including the cost of pumping water into tanks and up the hilly terrain of the Roslyn District, did not vary to any great degree.

With the significant increases in overall energy costs this is no longer true. In order to minimize these increases and monitor their costs, the District has implemented a program whereby an independent expert reviews each energy related bill received by the District. This monitoring program has saved the District considerable expense in obtaining adjustments in costs.

Another Major Variable is the Weather
Consider the summer season's temperature and rainfall... or, lack of it. August 2005 was pleasant and had a moderate amount of rain fall. However, July 2013 was hot and dry... and the water consumption was almost 185 million gallons vs. July 2014 which was just over 160 million gallo... more than a 30% shift in consumption!

In the winter months when pools are drained and lawn irrigation is not as prevalent, the water consumption is, on average, about 50% of the summer usage.

However, a difficult winter with a series of below freezing temperatures creates other expenses. The natural heaving and movement of the ground during the freezing and thawing process may cause some water mains to separate, crack or otherwise fail. That’s when you see our staff outside working under difficult conditions to reinstate your water supply.
So, as you can see, it would be nice if the weather was a consistent temperature and delivered a regular supply of rainwater from month to month... Only in Camelot.

We recognize that our job, as we mentioned earlier, is to provide our residents with an adequate supply of quality water, regardless of the weather... We are committed to fulfilling our mission to our consumers.

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