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New Motor Control Systems Installed at Plant #5, #6, #7 & #8

As part of the ongoing effort to upgrade all facilities and make maximum use of the benefits available from the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), new motor controls were recently installed.

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SCADA System

24/7 Systems Monitoring with New SCADA System.

operations updateSCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a computerized package that monitors and controls many operating functions throughout the process of water gathering and distribution. While it does not eliminate control or monitoring by District Personnel, it does provide accurate, real time information and control 24/7.

(Photo Right: Assistant Superintendent Douglas Ford (l) and Water Plant Operator Scott McGrath check out SCADA monitors with Superintendent Richard Passariello)

More on SCADA
Protecting the quality of the water delivered to our customers is always the number one priority of the Roslyn Water District. We make tests and check the water supply at the wells and at all pumping stations on a regular basis to insure this delivery of quality water. These tests and checks are done by qualified personnel on a proscribed schedule.

Technology now offers an added safeguard that provides updates on water quality at critical locations on a 24/7 basis. It is called a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). The Roslyn Water District is in the process of installing this system.
The SCADA system monitors and controls the pumping of water from each of the district’s wells, operating stations, storage tanks and elevated towers.

In addition, SCADA controls, and reports to, the District Headquarters such items as the pH and chlorine levels, gallons pumped per minute, temperatures and local water pressures.

If a level or other data point exceeds the quality control guidelines, a qualified water technician is notified for remedial action.

The SCADA system includes signal hardware (input and output), controllers, networks, user interface (HMI), communications equipment and software. All together, the term SCADA refers to the entire central system that monitors data from various Water District locations throughout the area.

The heart of a SCADA system is the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The Remote Terminal Units consists of a programmable logic converter set to specific requirements, while allowing human intervention. In addition, any changes or errors are automatically logged for and/or displayed. Most often, the SCADA system will monitor and make slight changes to function optimally; SCADA systems are considered closed loop systems and run with relatively little human intervention.

One of key processes of SCADA is the ability to monitor an entire system in real time. This is facilitated by data acquisitions including meter reading, checking statuses of sensors, etc., that are communicated at regular intervals. Besides the data being used by the RTU, it is also displayed to a human who is able to interface with the system to override settings or make changes when necessary.
SCADA is a system with many data elements called points. Each point is a monitor or sensor. Usually points can be either hard or soft. A hard data point can be an actual monitor; a soft point can be seen as an application or software calculation. Data elements from hard and soft points are recorded and logged to create a time stamp or history.

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Automatic Radio Read Program Continues

This system allows remote meter reading, eliminating the necessity of entering commercial or residential premises for the periodic meter reading. Once installed, the system eliminates the need for access to your property.


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